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Effect of Acupuncture Treatment on Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain in Sedentary Female Workers: A 6-Month and 3-Year Follow-Up Study

June 2004

This study examined whether acupuncture treatment reduces chronic pain in the neck and shoulders and related headache, and if so whether the effects are long-lasting. Twenty-four female office workers with chronic neck and shoulder pain were randomly assigned to receive acupuncture treatments 10 times for 3-4 weeks either at anti-pain acupoints or at placebo-points. The intensity and frequency of pain fell more for the true acupoints than for the placebo points and was maintained in this group for three years after treatment but not in the placebo acupuncture group. The degree of headache also fell during the treatment period for both groups, but more for true acupuncture than for placebo acupuncture. Three years after treatment the effect still lasted for the true acupoints group while the placebo acupuncture group fell back to the pre-treatment level. In this study adequate acupuncture treatment was shown to reduce chronic pain in the neck and shoulders and related headache with long lasting effects. He D, Bo Veiersted K, Hostmark AT, Ingulf Medbo J. National Institute of Occupational Health, Oslo, Norway. Pain. 109(3):299-307, 2004



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