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A Randomized Clinical Trial of the Treatment Effects of Massage Compared to Relaxation Tape Recordings on Diffuse Long-term Pain

January-February 2004

The purpose of this study was to assess possible effects of massage as compared to listening to relaxation tapes in conditions of long-term musculoskeletal pain. During treatment there was a significant improvement in the three main outcome measures (self-rated health, mental energy, and muscle pain) in the massage group but not in the relaxation group. At the 3-month post-treatment follow-up, outcome measures returned to initial rating levels in the massage group as compared to no changes in the relaxation group. Massage, but not mental relaxation, was found to be beneficial in lessening diffuse musculoskeletal symptoms, but these effects were registered only during treatment. The lack of long-term benefits could be due to the short treatment period or because treatments such as these may not address the underlying causes of pain. Future studies of long-term pain should include longer treatment periods, post-treatment follow-up, and assessment of the long-term benefits from booster treatment after the initial intense treatment period. Hasson D, Arnetz B, Jelveus L, et al. Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics. 73(1):17-24, 2004



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