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Pomegranate Fruit Extract Shows Potential for Osteoarthritis

This study done at Case Western Reserve University looked at the antioxidant effects of Pomegranate extract in lab tests where it cut levels of an inflammatory chemical called interleukin-1b and an enzyme that erodes cartilage. The results show the potential of pomegranate fruit extract to inhibit cartilage degradation that occurs in osteoarthritis and to maintain joint integrity and function. Future studies are needed to determine whether the fruit extract promotes cartilage repair and whether it can also be effective in treatment rheumatoid arthritis. Ahmed S, Wang N, Hafeez BB, et al. "Punica granatum L. Extract Inhibits IL-1ß-Induced Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases by Inhibiting the Activation of MAP Kinases and NF- B in Human Chondrocytes In Vitro." The Journal of Nutrition. 135:2096-2102, 2005.



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